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Mid-Iowa brings you Pipeline CCTV Inspection Systems from Aries Industries.

Aries is a leading supplier of standard and custom-built television inspection equipment for internal inspection of Sewer, Gas and Water Pipelines.  Pipe lines and other areas that are inaccessible due to their size or location can be easily, safely and economically inspected.
Aries lets you see behind, under, over, between and inside pipes, service connections, inside equipment, structures, holes, wells, chimneys and tanks.  Aries strives to deliver superior service along with the latest technology.
Vehicle & Trailer mounted Systems

Aries “New Age” vehicle and Trailer mounted pipeline inspection systems provide a professional platform for sewer inspection and rehabilitation operations.  Each system is ideal for worker safety and inspection efficiency.

If you have a need to inspect pipeline infrastructure, give us a call.  We would be happy to schedule a demonstration to show you how easy it is to inspect and document your pipeline systems.


In 2008, the City of Falls City, NE purchased an Aries® demo CCTV system in a 6’ X 10’ trailer, from Mid-Iowa Solid Waste Equipment Co., Inc.

This trailer layout was very small, cool in the winter, warm in the summer, but a very good introduction CCTV inspection system.

In my opinion this CCTV system was the best tool purchased by the City of Falls City in my 34 years experience and is the reason we are currently in the process of upgrading.

Since 2008 and the original purchase of the CCTV trailer, we have realized many benefits by owning our own inspection equipment.

The #1 benefit of owning our own CCTV inspection equipment has been the ability to inspect drain lines at any time that we desire.

Now 10 years later we have decided to upgrade to a new, larger 7’ X 12’ CCTV trailer package.

The new CCTV trailer package will have more bells and whistles than the first demo unit adding comfort, efficiency and will be even more operator friendly.

This larger trailer and extra area will allow for a wall to separate a mechanical room from a climate controlled operations room.

Some of the other upgrades will include report making software, ability to change the camera height on the go, a camera lens wiper, capabilities to playback inspections on the spot plus many more benefits.

Other positive experiences with owning a CCTV system, has been identifying and located manholes that have been lost for years or since they were installed. After identifying the exact location of manholes, we were then able to bring the lid to grade for quick access.

Having this inspection equipment informs us of our infrastructure conditions and identifying areas of severe failing. Having this inspection information allows us to act on the needed repairs versus reacting on a complete failures.

Our local plumbers also speak highly of our CCTV inspection equipment. We are able to assist them in troubleshooting and pinpointing locations of service lateral taps and their condition.

The negative side of the CCTV system is we have located so many bad areas needing repairs that the budget is not there to pay for the repairs immediately.

However I find this to be a good position knowing our infrastructure condition. This enables us to prioritize needed repairs that can then be scheduled as the budget allows.

Once again in my opinion our CCTV inspection equipment is the best tool purchased in the years I have worked for the city.

Satisfied Customer,

Doug Wheeler - City of Falls City, NE

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