Case Study: Commander Solves Neighborhood H2S.

A western city was experiencing odor complaints in a residential neighborhood and needed a cost-effective solution. They dosed nitrates in a local lift station, but nitrate technology was not feasible for this application as there was no lift station in the neighborhood. The neighborhood was built over geothermal activity which exacerbated the H2S odor problem due to elevated sewage temperatures. Carbon filters in the manholes provided only minimal relief, and since the city was in need of refilling the carbon media they took the opportunity to test Commander. Using the unique Minimizer dispensing system in the manholes allowed the city to dose this problem area.

Baseline H2S vapor readings were recorded and are represented by the green lines on the left of the graph. At the beginning of treatment, the line was scoured while being jetted, and 5 gallons of Commander was added to the solution at the furthest upstream manhole. The red Odalog line spikes show the result of the line being scoured.

The main was dosed at 1 quart per day in each manhole (total 3 quarts; red line on odalog graph) and maintained H2S vapor levels less than 2 PPM. Dosing was then fine-tuned and backed off to 2 quarts per day (aqua colored line on odalog graph), and then 1 quart per day (blue line on odalog graph).

A dose level of 1 quart per day met the needs of the city and provided them with a cost-effective solution that kept the phone from ringing, all while costing less than the replacement of carbon filters.

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